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Our main product is flexible plastic laminated and color printed package which is regarded as premium products in Chinese packing industry. Our other products include vacuum pouches, aluminum foil bags, laminated film . coffee bags, doy-pack, stand up zipped bags, retort pouch , beef jerky pouch and film, high isolation bags, courier bags, rice packing, bread bags, vest bags, We can deal with foodstuff packing, and other packing for pesticide and chemicals. 
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We have strict quality control system. Good reputation in the market.
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FINE PACKAGE CO., LTD. is located in Wuxi city, a production base of flexible plastic packing materials in China, There are 40 sets of production equipment for printing, blow molding, laminating, slitting, and bag making in our company.

FINE PACKAGE CO., LTD specialize in the research, development, production and sales of various soft packing materials for foods, electronics, and chemicals packing. We take high tech, top quality and standard management as core elements for becoming partners of multi national companies and domestic well known companies. Our main product is flexible plastic laminated and color printed package which is regarded as premium products in Chinese packing industry. 
  • 2018-04-17

    Oxidation of aluminum foil bags will not only reduce their quality, but also generate heat during the oxidation process, spontaneous combustion occurs, and some even exploded.The chemical oxidation of aluminum foil bags means that aluminum foil bags come in contact with oxygen released by oxygen or

  • 2018-04-13

    Here at FINE PACKAGE CO., LTD. we take a specially selected range of cigar components to keep your nice cigars fresh. Our cigarette pouch and ashtrays create the ideal present and we always stock a huge assortment of cigar pouch. If we do not have what you are searching, contact us now and we'll do

  • 2018-04-04

    First, observe from the closeness of the seal. If there are some tiny seams in the seal, this is judged to be an unqualified product.Secondly, from the visual appearance, visually inspect the surface of the composite food vacuum bag for signs of scratches and pinholes. Key Points Check the seal for

  • 2018-03-31

    The main function of Cigarro packaging bags is to protect the goods, followed by beautifying the goods and conveying information. It is worth noting that for the modern consumer, the latter two functions have become more and more important. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standard

  • 2018-03-28

    The first type: water testing method: put the plastic packaging bag into the water, non-toxic plastic bag can be floated into the water after being put into the water; however, the toxic plastic bag is the opposite and will not float to the surface.The second: hand touch detection method: touch the

  • 2018-03-24

    At present, there are many kinds of plastic packaging bag for food packaging bags, which are mainly produced by two kinds of production: The first one is made of raw materials such as polyethylene, polypropylene and melamine. The second kind is made of polyvinyl chloride. The second type plastic pac




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