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  • Do you understand the knowledge on the cigar packaging bag?

    The value of cigars is expensive. In order to avoid unnecessary losses when purchasing cigars, we should carefully inspect every part of cigars, including cigars. This article will break down the logo and the bottom code on the cigar box for everyone.Quality AssuranceOrigin and craft markFactory and

  • What is the reason for high bag breaking rate in food vacuum bag?

    1. The food vacuum bag type, thickness, and quality of the heat seal layer material have a decisive influence on the heat seal strength.2. The effect of heat sealing temperature on heat seal strength is most direct.3, Dried fruit bags to achieve the ideal heat seal strength, a certain amount of pres

  • Which is aluminium foil bag manufacturers better?

    Aluminium foil bag manufacturers also according to the different types of food, their professional level is also different. There may be some aluminum foil bags manufacturers pay more attention to the design of puffed food bags, and other food foil packaging design investment is not high, it does no

  • Air bag packaging advantages

    1, high-quality PE + PA film, durable, airtight high. Protection performance more secure.2, the basic material by the SGS test does not contain any heavy metals, non-toxic combustion, in line with airtight, moisture and environmental characteristics, Department of this century instead of Styrofoam,

  • Green paper bag concept

    Papermaking raw materials are mainly plant fibers, raw materials in addition to containing cellulose, hemicellulose, lignin three main components, there are other less content components, such as resin, ash and so on. In addition there are auxiliary ingredients such as sodium sulfate.In contrast, th

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