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  • May
    Evolution of spout bags packaging

    The growth of stand up pouches began when dictionary packaging was at the nascent stage hence during a very long interval, china stand up pouch have only evolved from this point to the current phase.Nowadays, stand up pouch packaging has come up at a much better plastic picture and are known food-sa

  • May
    Two Steps To Fresher Coffee

    Freshness is one of the biggest benefits of pouched coffee--one which becomes especially important with premium product. Coffee loses freshness through exposure to oxygen after ingestion. Such vulnerability is inevitable for K cups, but additionally have two approaches to reduce it.The first is by s

  • May
    Supply aluminum foil stand up pouch

    The rack up pouch are a good addition to the present listing of courier bags, bubble envelopes and other packaging material that the business specializes in. Aluminum foil stand up pouch are designed with without resealable zipper lock options in a vast range of sizes with a heavy responsibility bot

  • May
    Ziplock Standup Bags for Food

    If you are a manufacturer of a product which needs completely safe and sterile packaging, then stand up pouch bags are a wonderful option. For example, if you manufacture agricultural goods such as seeds, chemicals, or insecticides, you want to make sure these goods are packed in a safe medium.Our c

  • May
    Top 3 Ziplock Stand Up Bags

    Ziplock stand up totes prevent spills and early spoilage by enabling consumers to push the atmosphere in the bundle after opening and before re-closing.Most individuals are utilised to watching rack up ziplock pouch using a single-track lock that snaps into position when either side of the cap of th

  • Apr
    Size Guide: Find the Perfect Printed "Fine Cigars" cigar packaging with zipper for You

    Cigars need appropriate storage if they're being hauled from a shop to your property. They're sensitive to cold and heat and have to be kept at a specific humidity level. Cigars are delicate and will respond to their surroundings quickly (perfect states are 70% humidity at 70 degrees). By making use

  • Apr
    How are made Stand Up Pouch?

    The very first point to keep in mind about stand up components is they're a laminated picture tote, typically made from plastics or a mix of plastic film and aluminum foil. They may be printed using any color, logo design, so that the capability to actually make a direct impact on retail shelves is

  • Apr
    Top 15 Advantages to food vacuum bag Sealing Your Food

    1. food vacuum bag Sealers Save You Time2. Vacuum Sealers Save You Money3. Embossed vacuum bagSealers Preserve Food 4. Vacuum Sealing Protects Food 5. Vacuum Sealing Extends Shelf Life6. Food Lasts Longer7. Efficient Food Organization8. No Freezer Burn With Chamber Vacuum Sealers9. Vacuum Sealed Foo

  • Apr
    Are aluminum foil bags prone to oxidation when exposed to air for prolonged periods?

    Oxidation of aluminum foil bags will not only reduce their quality, but also generate heat during the oxidation process, spontaneous combustion occurs, and some even exploded.The chemical oxidation of aluminum foil bags means that aluminum foil bags come in contact with oxygen released by oxygen or

  • Apr
    The story of cigar pouch

    Here at FINE PACKAGE CO., LTD. we take a specially selected range of cigar components to keep your nice cigars fresh. Our cigarette pouch and ashtrays create the ideal present and we always stock a huge assortment of cigar pouch. If we do not have what you are searching, contact us now and we'll do

  • Apr
    How to identify the food vacuum bag standards?

    First, observe from the closeness of the seal. If there are some tiny seams in the seal, this is judged to be an unqualified product.Secondly, from the visual appearance, visually inspect the surface of the composite food vacuum bag for signs of scratches and pinholes. Key Points Check the seal for

  • Mar
    cigarro packaging bags have an impact on consumer psychology

    The main function of Cigarro packaging bags is to protect the goods, followed by beautifying the goods and conveying information. It is worth noting that for the modern consumer, the latter two functions have become more and more important. With the continuous improvement of people’s living standard



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