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Recyclable Pouches

Finepackaging Stand Up Pouches are suitable for packaging various foods and products. They are FDA-compliant, made from recyclable materials, and printed with water-based inks. After use, these stand-up containers can be recycled. Best for pet food, peanut butter, dried fruits, rice, grocery bags, yogurt tubs, etc.
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Product Description

Explore Your Options, Find Your Industy

Want to purchase our Stand Up Pouches for product packaging? Choose from the options below to see customized options:

  • Pet Food

  • Beef Jerky

  • Dried Fruit & Nuts

  • Coffee

  • Cigar, and more!


Things You Should Know About Recyclable Pouches

  • Tear Notch

Make a rip slit for easy removal.

  • Closure

You may have it with a press-to-close zipper or without one.

  • Windows

Use either transparent or opaque windows to showcase your products.

  • Pouch Bottom

Doy Seal, K Seal, Plow Bottom, and 3 Side Seal (flat) are just a few of the available possibilities.

  • Hang Holes

Round or sombrero hang holes are available for in-store merchandising purposes.

  • Crafted with Purpose

You can customize our custom recyclable stand-up pouches in many ways to meet the specific requirements of your product.

  •  Various gusset styles, including the k-seal, plow, and 3-side bottom, are available.

  •  Windows, clear or cloudy

  • A variety of closure methods, including press-to-close and zipper.

The fact that our Stand Up Pouches are recyclable and in accordance with FDA regulations means that your brand will stand out without sacrificing its principles!

Sustainability Framework


Customization Options
  • Customization options include custom sizes

  • Transparent or clouded windows

  • Bottom gusset options

  • Custom finishing options available


Side-gusset stand-up pouch, with flat bottom or bottom gusset options including K-seal Bottom, Plow Bottom, or 3 Side Seal (3SS)


Polyethylene (water based matte coating if gloss is chosen)

Material Thickness

Gloss = 4.4 mil / Matte = 4.5mil


FDA approved


White, with the option of adding transparent or clouded windows

Color Options


Ink Type

HP ElectroInk


Traditional matte, soft-touch matte, gloss, and metalised finishes

Closure Type

Press-to-Close Zipper


Standard 0.875in Tear Notch

Print Process

Offset, Gravure

Recyclable Pouches FAQS

1. What sets apart our sustainable packaging?

Finepackaging provides a range of unique, sustainably produced digitally printed packaging choices for businesses of all sizes. We're here to assist your company in achieving its sustainability objectives and reducing its carbon footprint, whether you're searching for recyclable packaging or Post-Consumer Recycled (PCR) packaging.

2. What are recyclable packaging selections?

Most of our compostable, recyclable, and post-consumer packaging may be customized to incorporate any of these elements:

  • Strong barriers that prevent condensation, oxidation, and scent from escaping during shipping.

  • Round and Sombrero-shaped hang holes, among others.

  • Windows, either clear or clouded/blurred.

  • Surface gloss or matte

  • tear- and puncture-resistant

  • Tear notches

  • Includes Press-to-close closures and Certified Child-Resistant zippers (recyclable container)

  • Sizes vary and are readily available

  • The pouch bottom or gusset options include the DOY Seal, K-Seal, Plow Bottom, and the 3-side Seal (3SS)

3. What kinds of film structures does Finepackaging provide?

High-barrier film solutions are available in our recyclable films produced from 100% Polyethylene (PE), protecting your products from environmental influences while maintaining product quality. Suppose you inform your customers where they may take your recyclables. In that case, you can use the recycle logo or a combination of the #2 Resin Identification Code for HDPE recycling streams and a generic Store Drop-off sign.

Twenty-five to thirty percent of each film layer has PCR material in our PCR films.

  • PET print web – 30% PCR

  • metPET barrier layer – 30% PCR

  • LLDPE sealant web – from 25% PCR

This film's components all originated from a used and recycled source. Our films are all safe for use in the direct food industry.

Energy bars, snack items, coffee, tea, candy, etc., all fare well in our recyclable packages. Microorganisms decompose eco-friendly compostable packaging into non-toxic particles that are returned to the soil as fertilizer.

4. How well do your eco-friendly films do in comparison to your traditional ones?

Definitely. Like our non-recyclable films, our recyclable films provide high-barrier alternatives. All of our films and finished products go through extensive testing both internally at our manufacturing facilities and externally with our client's production processes and machines before we introduce new products and features.

5. What are the measurements of the pouch?

Lay-flat pouches, stand-up pouches, and roll stock may all be made to your specifications. We also offer regular-sized items if you need clarification about where to start.




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