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How much you know ziplock stand up bags?

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-02-23      Origin: Site

Arrange meals by type and place in gallon size (or larger) ziplock stand up bags or odor-proof barrier bags. Grouping by meal versus day gives you greater flexibility to decide what to eat based on your appetite.

  •  Group meals type put all breakfast meals in the first bag, snacks into a 2nd, lunches in a 3rd, and dinners in a 4th bag. Group commonly used ingredients such as sugar, spices, medication/vitamins, dried vegetables, coffee, and condiment packets into separate bags.

  •  We recommend double bagging coffee or separating it from food sources; the scent of the ground beans permeates to other items, which will impact flavor. This includes the freeze-dried instant single-serve coffee sold in foil packs.

  •  Be careful not to over-pack on meals! Rather than pack extra meals, pack extra snacks. This way if you run out of fuel or are too tired to fire up the stove, you can still eat. And remember, we can survive 2 weeks without food (or longer depending on our fat reserve), but drinking water is critical. If you run out of water, do not eat! Your body requires extra water to digest food. A general guide is to plan 1.5 – 2 lbs of total food (including snacks) per person per day.

We have exported custom ziplock bags for many years. If you need, welcome to contact us via info@finepackage.com



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