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Company News

  • Dec
    To Read The Coffee Packaging Like A Pro

    If you have ever looked in a row of coffee bags from the Coffee Packaging Bags Supplier and have been perplexed at how to select one, you are not alone. Reading java packaging can be hard.

  • Dec
    Packaging Design Integrity

    This package such as Printed Coffee Bag which main display is not isolated, it's an significant part the bundle as a whole.

  • Dec
    The Importance of Packaging Design When Opening Up The Market

    the importance of packaging design such as the Beef Jerky Packaging has always been placed in an important position. A well-known domestic designer has a seemingly simple food packaging such as Coffee Packaging Bags...

  • Nov
    What Do Small Bags of Food Contain?

    Pet Food Packaging, Custom Printed Mylar Bags others packaging often have a small paper bag or plastic ball, containing powder or granular things...

  • Nov
    Raw Material Requirements in the Production of Food Production Bags

    First, the food vacuum bag we produce, the PE raw material used is polyethylene resin, which is non-toxic and tasteless, and is the best raw material for producing food vacuum bags.Second, the food vacuum bag requirements are absolutely impossible to add recycled materials, because the recycled mate

  • Nov
    The Importance of Material Selection in Packaging Design

    The choice of packing such as Side Gusset Block Bottom method is very important to the protection of the product. Only when we have a comprehensive understanding of product performance and circulation...

  • Nov
    Key Points of Packaging Design

    Generally, each product has its own special packaging, such as large packaging and small packaging for easy handling. At this time, we will be based on the product and the way of transport to design the most suitable product packaging, we often called this behavior "packaging shape design."Generally

  • Nov
    What Kind of Material Is The Food Packaging Bag?

    Many people don't know what kind of materials are generally used in food packaging bags such as Liquid Stand Up Spout Pouch.

  • Nov
    What Do You Know About Food Package Design?

    The first thing that should grab the customer's attention is the packaging of the product. Of course, in food packaging, the importance of design is self-evident. In the process of designing food packaging, designers should pay attention to the following points and principles.(1) brand positioning i

  • Nov
    The importance of decompression in vacuum packaging

    During the process of vacuum packaging pouch packing foods, the decompression or the entry of air into the chamber once the bag is sealed is a critical time. The burst of air that returns to the chamber can push the bag with too much force on the product, damaging the product or the food vacuum bag,

  • Oct
    Adding Convenience to Busy Mornings with Custom Printed Pouches

    By choosing custom print bag for their new seasonings packaging, we was able to print more information on the sides of the packet, such as recipes and tips for use. Creating a product that is convenient to use, but still offers a unique flavor profile, is appealing to the interests of today’s consum

  • Oct
    Why You Should Use Kraft Stand Up Pouches for Natural Food Products

    One way successful brands are advertising new healthy food options is through their product packaging. Kraft Paper Packaging Bags are the perfect choice for packaging organic snacks, teas, coffees, and even natural pet food. Not only are kraft stand up pouch 100 percent recyclable, they’re also made

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