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Popular dried fruit and dried fruit packaging are a trend

Views: 5     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-01-05      Origin: Site

There was a time when the most popular dried fruit was a raisin. With today's emphasis on healthy eating and a much wider and more creative range of recipes, fruit of all shapes, sizes and types are being offered in dried form. Given the perishable nature of fruit, stand up pouch dried fruit packaging is the perfect vehicle to bring this product to market.

Also called stand up bags and Mylar bags, stand up pouches are produced by laminating together multiple layers of scientifically designed film. Puncture resistant and durable, stand up pouch dried fruit packaging protects the contents from odor, vapor, moisture and, if desired, light. The unique design locks in the flavor and freshness. Especially freshness. The idea is to offer wholesome dried fruit snacks, not fruit jerky!

Stand up bag dried fruit packaging provides several options to get the dried fruit packaging using stand bagsattention of shoppers. First, as the name suggests, stand up bags do, in fact, stand up. However, hang holes are also available to allow for an eye catching hanging display.

With wide front and back panels, stand up pouch dried fruit packaging is ideal for affixing labels or for custom printing in up to ten colors. The marketing information can even be combined with see-through windows which enable the consumer to see just how beautiful the fruit is.



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