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The types of coffee pouches

Views: 5     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-12-20      Origin: Site

There are various materials of coffee pouches. Do not think that coffee pouch is a few small colorful bags what you usually see. In fact, the world of coffee pouch is very exciting.

Coffee pouches are generally divided into: non-hermetic packaging, vacuum packaging, one-way valve packaging, pressurized packaging.

1. Non-hermetic packaging:

Non-airtight packaging is actually a temporary package only for short-term storage.

2. Vacuum packaging pouch:

The roasted coffee beans need to be placed for a period of time and then packaged to prevent carbon dioxide damage. Vacuum packaging pouch can be stored for about 10 weeks.

3. Check valve packaging:

A check valve on the bag allows for the elimination of carbon dioxide and blocks the ingress of outside air. Check valve packaging can ensure that the beans are not oxidized but do not stop the loss of aroma. Check valve package can store up to 6 months.

4. Pressurized packaging:

After roasting, the coffee beans are quickly vacuum-packed and filled with an inert gas seal. The pressurized packaging ensures that the coffee beans are not oxidized and the aroma is not lost and the strength is sufficient to ensure that the package is not damaged by air pressure and can store up to 2 years time.

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