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Vacuum Bags of Food Packaging Is The Key

Views: 4     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2016-09-28      Origin: Site

For the food production and marketing enterprises, substandard food vacuum bag cannot play a role in protecting food safety and hygiene, is not conducive to the storage and transportation of food and substandard food vacuum packaging pouch food may also color, aroma, taste and other quality impact, is not conducive to food marketing. For the average consumer, substandard food vacuum packaging pouch food will produce toxic pollution, damage to consumers ' health. Therefore, faulty food vacuum packaging bags of harm is very large, in the production process, the vacuum bag manufacturer should have strict quality control, improve the quality of food vacuum packaging bag.

Vacuum bags refers to the product to airtight containers, removing air inside the container, so that to achieve a predetermined degree of vacuum in the container after sealing a packaging method.

Applications are vacuum-packed plastic bags, aluminum foil packaging, glass packaging. Items can be selected according to the type of packaging material. Since the case of fruit fresh food, is still ongoing respiration, height hypoxia can cause physiological diseases, therefore, use less fruit class vacuum-packed.



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