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You are here: Home » News » Company News » What Is The Difference Between The Plating Foil Bags And Aluminum Bags?

What Is The Difference Between The Plating Foil Bags And Aluminum Bags?

Views: 8     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2016-09-29      Origin: Site

Among the many types of packaging products, some products are often both look the same, but there are obvious differences in performance, particularly in composite packaging materials aluminum foil bags and aluminum bags, so that customers often confuse the difference between them. Therefore, the following points are listed for your reference:

1. Light transmittance: the two bags in front of bright light to see, will not be found bags of aluminum foil and light, with a dark nature; and plating aluminum bags will have very little light revealing, though not in the dark but the bags with shading effect.

2. Material differences: a layer of aluminum foil bag for use as a pure metal foil sheeting made thin and a tear that is open, that is broken a barrel, it seems extremely crisp fall, but after other composite materials composite, but greatly enhance product performance, the bag having barrier properties, dark, sealing, preserving flavor ...... and so on performance. plating Aluminum bags of aluminum layer under high temperature vacuum, even the high-purity aluminum plating on PET film, it can only reach the shading effect rather than light.

3. Brightness: From the naked eye, the brightness is less than plating foil bag aluminum bags, plating aluminum bags can illuminate the shadows, aluminum bags is not.

4. Touch: aluminum foil bag feels harder and heavier than plating aluminum bags.



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