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What do you know about cigars?

Views: 8     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2016-06-25      Origin: Site

Cigar is a enjoy, smoking a cigar, which is a personal spiritual experience for cigar mature. Even in the old days, the gentleman has a special space to enjoy the "cigar time".

In the 1920s the Europeans invented the cellar to cellar cigar cigars, cigar pit is constructed in pure cedar wood, which the most precious cedar wood is Central and South America. The cellar temperature of 18-20 degrees, humidity of 65-75 degrees. This condition is the source of life to maintain cigars.

To provision a cigar humidor, this is the most basic saving appliances. There are many humidor size and shape, while it is also the material of wood cigar. Internal generally humidifying means, for holding the water box. There is a hygrometer for detecting the humidity inside the box.

Then the cigar box is emerging slowly. Humidor features is only one, while for a cigar, he never overlook its aesthetic taste and any aesthetic.

No matter where the occasion, a beautiful and practical humidor is a work of art. Many also have a lot of cigar boxes, in office, den, a car, travel, and even adventure. That is reflected in the strong cigar plot.

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