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Food bags demand packaging technology requirements

Views: 3     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2016-06-21      Origin: Site

Life is full of packaging, I believe that with the development of technology, more high-quality packaging products will come into being, at the same time, it will become a trend, which determine people's buying trends. Then do you want to know the packaging technology requirements?

First, we must understand the requirements of protective foods

Different foods have varies of chemical composition and other physical properties, so different food packaging bags for food protection requirements are also different.

Second, select the appropriate protection packaging material

Traditional packaging materials are mainly glass bottles, cans, boxes, cartons. Modern food packaging materials include plastic, paper, composite type (plastic / plastic, plastic / paper, plastic / aluminum foil / paper / plastic and other types of multi-layer composite material).

Third, the use of advanced packaging technology and methods

To prolong the shelf life of food, the use of the continuous development of new packaging technologies such as active packaging, packaging mildew, moisture-proof packaging, anti-fog packaging, anti-static packaging, selectively permeable packaging, packing slip, cushion packaging.

Fourth, the selection and food processing technology supporting the packaging machinery and equipment

In order to meet the needs of the food processing technology, we have developed a variety of new packaging equipment, such as vacuum packing machines, vacuum inflatable packaging machine, shrink packaging machines, blister packaging machines, packaging machines, sheet thermoforming equipment, liquid filling machines, form / fill / seal packaging machines, aseptic packaging equipment and so on.

Fifth, brand awareness packaging design and packaging design

Packaging design should be consistent with consumer and exporter of consumer tastes and habits. The best designs coordinate with the contents. Trademarks should be obvious location, text should meet the food requirements.

Our company pursuit of technological innovation, and is committed to manufacture high quality and affordable price packaging bags such as dried fruit packaging or aluminum foil bags, etc.



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