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The application of custom printed stand up bags

Views: 9     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2017-05-25      Origin: Site

Stand up pouches, as the name indicates, can stand on their own on store shelves. Pouches that come with hang holes can also be hung on hooks. This flexibility offers manufactures many options in retail. Today, large retail chains are not the only ones selling frozen foods. Some family grocery stores, discount stores, and drug stores are also into this business. Each of these stores has its own storage and selling needs. Flexible stand up pouches are versatile, and easily fulfill the unique requirements of these selling venues.

Custom printed stand up bags make things easier not only for manufacturers and sellers, but for end consumers as well. These pouches are a big boon to end-users or customers. Accessories like zip locks make these pouches resealable – which is a big selling point in itself. With custom printed zip lock pouches, a customer does not have to worry about storing half consumed products; they can reseal the package safely until next use. Modern customers appreciate this usability. They do not want to buy frozen vegetables in a packaging, and then hunt for another storage medium after they have opened the packet. Stand up pouches offer a clean way out – use what you need, and seal the package with a zip lock.

The frozen food industry is still in its initial phase of using stand up pouches with zip locks.



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